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Streszczenie futurystyczne tło


When working for you, we are guided by the basic motto:Safety in everything we do.

Operator :: Machine :: Infrastructure

The safety of operators, equipment and infrastructure requires the use of appropriate safeguards that reduce the risk of explosion or fire to an absolute minimum. Safeguards include design, equipment and processes that reduce the potential for fire.

Explosion protection

Our clients' technological processes are based on raw materials that may create explosive atmospheres, e.g. dust from forest biomass. That is why, at the design stage, we perform an Explosion Risk Assessment [OZW]. The assessment identifies ignition sources, defines explosion zones, their type and necessary protections for individual machines and devices.




Identification of threat sources

Based on the technological diagram and equipment parameters, we determine the processes that can produce the so-called potentially explosive atmosphere.


Classification of EX explosive zones

Explosive zones are determined based on the raw material moisture content, frequency and duration of dust occurrence. For dust, the zones are EX 20, 21 and 22. For gases, EX 0, 1 and 2.


Selection of EX equipment

Depending on the zone, machines require appropriate construction and protection that actively limits the effects of a possible explosion. We only use certified solutions.

Fire protection

We design passive and active fire protection for infrastructure and equipment. We integrate them with explosion-proof solutions so that the investment is comprehensively protected against undesirable events.



  1. automatic alarm system,

  2. Manually triggered alarm system,

  3. Audible and visual alarms,

  4. Smoke and heat detectors,

  5. Fire detection systems,

  6. Video systems for smoke detection,

  7. Fire extinguishing systems.

Equipment security

  1. Spark detection system,

  2. Spark extinguishing system,

  3. Water and water mist extinguishing system,

  4. Extinguishing system with extinguishing powders and gases,

  5. Integration with the superior control system.


Process safeguards

Process safeguards concern the general and detailed work plan of the factory, with particular emphasis on blockages and responses to potential undesirable events. They are closely related to explosion and fire protection


The production and handling of all events is supervised by a central system for automatic control of processes related to safety and production.


The automation is based on hundreds of sensors that constantly monitor the state of the atmosphere, temperature, pressure, etc. occurring inside and outside the machines. If the programmed safety thresholds are exceeded, the control system performs appropriate actions to prevent fire, explosion, and equipment load being exceeded.

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